We recognise that teaching our youths Godly values and counsel will help shape their lives towards the biblical principles of God. We are developing young people who will establish God’s work anywhere they are and whenever they are called upon. Being a light in a world where so much darkness exists.

We at House of Hope Calvary Christian Centre believed that you can only give what you have and if you’ve got nothing to give, then you stand to receive what you don’t want. This lead us to realise that impartation of the Word of God through sound teaching, mentorship and interaction with one another will  help to prepare our youths to meet the challenges of the present day society. Our objective is to allow them to grow spiritually, to preach the Gospel in various forms and to allow them to stand on their own as an individual and as well as a group.

Our youths also engage in diffrent activities throughout the year both in the local  assembly, national youth group and internationally such as youth workshop, youth conferences, day out to theme park and the highly acclaimed youth camp all under the foursquare youth movement. So come and join us we welcome all new members to be a part of our group.